SHOW   SCHEDULE                 


Oct 16          Arcadia       1/W/BOB  (Aimee)  2/RWB  (Abbey)


Feb 20          Lakeland     1/W/BOB  (Aimee)


Nov 20          Ocala

Nov 13-14    Brooksville

Nov 11-12    ACTB Specialty

Sept 25-26   Deland                                                                                







 Show Happenings!  

Aimee earns her International Championship handled by Sammi at the IABCA Dog Show in Lakeland Fl June 1-2/ 2013.  Wins BOB over IntCH Special.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Aimee returned to the rings on Feb 20. 2011 handled by Sammi and took 1/W/BOB!  Then then went to the Groups for the first time ever.  Sammi was so excited and said it definitely was different than showing in the classes!


Abbey and Aimee made their show debut on Sept 25 at the shows in Deland Fl.  They did very well for the first time in the ring.  Abbey placed 3rd both days!  She was shown by Sammi!

Aimee placed    2 /1/RWB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

































































































   Aimee earns her International Championship handled by Sammi in Lakeland FL

  Aimee takes 1/W/BOB at the Italian Cluster in Arcadia Fl., handled by Sammi. 

  Abbey takes 2/RWB at the Italian Cluster in Arcadia Fl.  

   Both girls earn their Canine Good Citizen Awards, Sammi trained and handled the girls for the test.

   Abbey is now a Registered Service Dog in training.

 K's The Apprentice's Daughter At Katura  CGC  

"Abbey" is a Ch Moonlight K's Nikko of Mikado CGC X Ch Tamarlane's The Sorcerer's Apprentice daughter.  She is a beautiful black and white brindle like her sire, a sweet girl with lots of spunk.  Abbey is now a Registered Service Dog in training.


 Breeder:  Kathryn Concannon
Owners:  Kathryn Concannon/Katura Kennels
  Whelped:  September 12, 2008

   # 70800
OFA:   AK-13711     (Good)
OFA:   AK-EL 1877  (Normal)
CERF:  AK-4831        (Clear)
 AK-EYE97      (Clear 2013)
Thyroid:  AK-TH 365     (Normal MSU)

Abbey is shown below at 9 mos old being stacked by Sammi for the first time and at 10 weeks old.                    


 Abbey 10 wks                                                                                                                                                      

IntCH K's Dream Chasin' with the Apprentice at Katura CGC   

"Aimee" is another  Ch Moonlight K's Nikko of Nikado CGC X Ch Tamarlane's The Sorcerer's Apprentice daughter.   She is a lovely red fawn and is look-a- like to her dam.

 Breeder:Kathryn Concannon
Owners:Kathryn Concannon/Katura Kennels
  Whelped:September 12, 2008

   # 71135
OFA:  AK-13727      (Fair)
OFA:  AK-EL 1884   (Normal)
CERF: AK-4832        (Clear)
 AK-EYE96    (Normal 2013)
Thyroid: AK-TH 364    (Normal MSU)

 Aimee, handled by Sammi, took 1W/BOB at the Strawberry Cluster Show in Lakeland Fl on Feb 20, 2011.  Thank you Judge George Marquis for this win.  Sammi had her first taste of showing in the Working Group under Judge Robert Caswell.

Aimee is shown below at 9 mos old also being stacked by Sammi and at 10 weeks old.                          



  Aimee 10 wks

 Abbey and Aimee at 6 months old----Chow Time!!!






              K's Kita La Feurte    01/18/2008 - 11-20-2008

Kita was only 2 days short of being 10 months old when she left us suddenly due to a very tragic accident.  She is missed greatly.  Sweet dreams our sweet girl, run free! 


Kita a beautiful girl with a sweet personality.  She was out of Nikko's third litter with CH Challenge The Big Boys, a great linebreeding on the Northstar line.  She was owned by Joaquin M and Katura Kennels.                       

 Kita went to her first match in August 2008 and took a Group II.   She made her debut in the show ring in September 2008 at 8 months old in New Mexico and won RWB both days.  She was shown by her owner, Juaquin.