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Each puppy leaving our premises is guaranteed to be up to date with their shots and wormers.  We strongly suggest you make an appointment with your vet prior to receiving your puppy for his initial wellness checkup according to our contract and to continue his schedule of vaccinations after arriving at his new home.  Your puppy WILL NOT be fully protected from certain diseases until it has received his full round of vaccinations.  

Please use extreme caution in exposing your new puppy to other dogs and dog areas including dog parks, fun matches, dog shows, doggie daycare centers, pet stores, training centers, hiking trails and /or any area where large numbers of dogs are known to congregate until it has received ALL the puppy vaccinations.   This includes your veterinarian's office.  Remember sick puppies/dogs go to the vet's office.   Do not allow the puppy to be on the floor, use his crate to transport him and bring him into the office. 

At the veterinarian's office do not allow your puppy to stand or walk on the floor and make sure the examination table is sanitized thoroughly before allowing your puppy to be examined on it.  Use paper towels to cover the table if need be or sanitize if yourself with Clorox wipes or other wipes you have with you.



Parvovirus (parvo) is a common dog disease that can be picked up from the ground or any other surface used by other dogs.  It can be carried into your house on your shoes or a visitor's shoes.  It is extremely difficult to cure in a young puppy and in most cases is fatal.  The best defense is prevention.

DO NOT put your new puppy down on the ground in a public place to go potty until he is fully vaccinated.  Train your puppy to go on housebreaking pad or newspaper and always carry some with you.  Your puppy should not be introduced to other dogs-even your own- until he has completed the complete set of puppy vaccinations.

Too many diseases can be carried by older dogs with no visible signs of illness and be transimitted with disastrous results to a susceptible unvaccinated puppy.  Too often new owners thing because a puppy has one one vaccination he is protected. The puppy is NOT fully protected until ALL OF THE SHOTS IN THE SERIES ARE GIVEN AT THE SCHEDULED TIME.  Remember PREVENTION is the best defense.

If you have any questions about other canine diseases or problems be sure to talk to your veterinarian about them.  It is much better to be cautious than to have to deal with one of these diseases.

HEARTWORM is now a problem in all 50 states.  Be sure to talk to your veterinarian about beginning a heart worm prevention program for your puppy.

Hernias are a common occurence in puppies.  An umbilical hernia is usually caused by the dam (mother) being a little too aggressive in removing the birthing sack and/or cleaning the puppy a little too aggressively.  They usually do not show up until the puppy is six or seven weeks of age.  Most veterinariams will advise repairing the dhernia when the puppy is spayed/neutered.



While waiting for our next Akita breeding, here are some photos of dogs that we have produced and their offspring out of our foundation bitch Nikko (AM/INT CH Moonlight K's Nikko of Mikado CGC)

                             First and Second Generation


This is our latest photo of Vixen (CH Moonlight Kiseki's Kall Girl CGC, VA RSD, owned by Linda Logan) who is training Linda's son Kris in the Jr Show Rings :)  They are shown at their first Jr Show Seminar out in Palomar, CA. Vixen is a Nikko daughter out of Nikko's second breeding with Beau. (UK BISS/AM CH Rossimon's By the Boss X AM/INT CH Moonlight K's Nikko of Mikado CGC) Vixen will also be working towards her AKC Grand Championship.  She is now a Registered Service Dog, we're very proud of her and her owner.



Kiseki's Don't Stop Believin' "Journey" is a Vixen daughter and granddaughter of Nikko X Beau. She is shown here at 11 1/2 mos old.  Journey has both her AKC major points.  She has also placed with a BBE and BB Group 1.  


Kiseki's Raised On The Radio "Tuner"is litter mate to Journey.  A Vixen son and Nikko X Beau grandson.  Tuner is a substantial male with an awesome temperament.  Tuner won Best In Sweeps his 1st time in the ring at 7 1/2  months.  His first five times showing he placed with a BBB and a BB Group 3.


Moonlight Jerry Garcia "Jerry" owned by Max Fischer co-owned by C. Stanley.  Jerry is beginning his training program for the rings, he is shown at 4 months old.  He is a grandson of Nikko and Chill, Nikko's first breeding. (BISS CH Breezewood Imarri HesTheMan X Am/Int CH Moonlight K's Nikko of Mikado CGC) A Wyatt X Scarlet son (CH Kumakura's Last One Standing X Moonlight Scarlet Fire, Nikko's daughter.) He will be shown by Wyatt's owner Ree Keca.



  Potential Pedigree of Puppies



If you are interested in a puppy from Katura Kennels, please answer the questions below and return to us via email at  
                                               Owner Survey   
  • Your name, address, and e-mail address/telephone number.
  • Your family members (adults in household and number, age of children, if applicable.)
  • Your type of housing (house,/apartment), yard size and fencing.
  • Place of employment/work telephone number.
  • A brief synopsis of how an Akita would fit into your life.
  • Why you want an Akita and any past experience you have with dogs.  Have you ever owned an Akita before?
  • What research have you done about the Akita regarding training, socialization, discipline, health issues, nutrition and housing.
  • Name/telephone number of your veterinarian.
  • Two references.  Please include their name, address and telephone number, how long you have known them.
We maintain a Reserve List* for our litters.  A deposit of $250 (companion) or $500 (show) and approved applicant screening is required  to reserve a puppy.  Deposits will be accepted after pregnancy has been confirmed by ultra sound.  Contact us for pricing of our companion or show puppies at .  We reserve the right to refuse a placement that is not in the best interest of our Akitas.
Payment may be made by check, cashier's check or PayPal (fees charged by PayPal are client's responsibility and are in addition to price of puppy.)  Please make all checks payable to Kathryn Concannon.  
*Reserved puppies are placed first, then qualified potential owners.   Puppies are not placed until they are evaluated and determined to be either a show or companion puppy.  Owner/Breeder/s reserves the right to first picks of litter.